Mack's Lure Pro & Guide Staff Members

Mack's Lure is proud to introduce the members of our Pro Staff, Guide Staff, & VIP Angler program. These team members ensure our customers get products that have been field proven to catch more fish.


Location: Kamloops, BC V2C5C5
Phone: 236-313-0865
Guide: No
Species: Trout, Kokanee, Salmon
Boat: Thunder Jet Luxor Falcon


Waters: British Columbia Waters
Products: Wiggle Hootchie for Salmon and Kokanee behind Dodgers and Flashers trolling.The action of the bills is major reason. Hum Dinger for ice fishing,works great with underwater cameras to see action and how Kokanee react when slow etc... Hot Wings are excellent when fishing Kokanee on slow troll, love this light offering. Mack's rubber snubbers always for soft mouth kokanee. Smile Blades for my Cha cha's and 1.5 and 4 Squid skirts for Kokanee/Trout and Salmon. Mack's double D Dodger's assorted and Sling Blade UV are always ahead of offerings, no other products will do as they are proven over and over. Assorted Wedding Ring's are a big hit added to my arsenal !
Presentation: Double D Silver and Hot Pink Dodgers trolled with Wiggle Hoochie 1.5 skirts for Kokanee and Rainbows @ 1.2-1.9 mph is gold for most lakes in B.C. Cha Cha Squidder Series 2" and Kokanee 1.5 I use with Original and UV Sling Blade's targeting Kokanee. Scentflash UV Paddle 11" used with 4" Wiggle Hoochie's targets Salmon and Trout for me. For hard water the Hum Dinger works great for Brook Trout and Kokanee tipped with assorted bait's. As well for hard water the glow hook's in single offering are absolute simple magic.
Promotional Event: Hard Core Kokanee Fishing,B.C. Fishing Addicts,Okanagan Valley Fishing,Hard Core Salmon Fishing and Kokanee Kings
Tournament Circuits:
Tournament Highlights: Shuswap Lake Monte Lake Adams Lake Red Lake Ice Fishing Tourney I've Hosted my own with my company for the last 5 years at various ice fishing lakes.
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