Mack's Lure Pro & Guide Staff Members

Mack's Lure is proud to introduce the members of our Pro Staff, Guide Staff, & VIP Angler program. These team members ensure our customers get products that have been field proven to catch more fish.


Location: Calgary, AB T2X3M1
Phone: 403-437-0388
Guide: No
Species: Trout, Walleye, Salmon, Pike
Boat: Sea Nymph TC 195 Twin Console Walleye


Products: My absolute favourite is Smile blades! I have 4 plano boxes full of them! I only have 2 boxes with regular metal blades. I like the flexibility of Smile blades in that you can downsize when the bite goes negative for finicky walleye and that you can troll them ultra slow or fast as needed for the bite that is happening.
Presentation: During the early to late summer, my go to presentation is to use bottom bouncers rigged up on a 10 foot rod using 10 lb test main line Spiderwire. The rigs are either floating or non floating (depending on weeds) rigs tied up on 4 to 14 feet Fluorocarbon leaders using an assortment of colors and sizes of beads and Smile blades. Depending on the bite, I will use either live leeches, crawlers, dead minnows (the law here) or plastics as bait
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