Mack's Lure Pro & Guide Staff Members

Mack's Lure is proud to introduce the members of our Pro Staff, Guide Staff, & VIP Angler program. These team members ensure our customers get products that have been field proven to catch more fish.


Location: Minot, ND 58703
Phone: 701-629-0180
Guide: No
Species: Walleye
Boat: 2019 Triton 186


Waters: Devils Lake, ND
Products: Mack’s smiley blades, these are almost exclusively all I use, period, they are the bread and butter of almost every big walleye I pull in, I have rigged over 50 of my own harnesses this season alone.
Presentation: Mack’s smiley blade with a slow death hook. This is by far the most effective presentation on my home water lake sakakawea. It is an absolute fish finder.
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