Mack's Lure Pro & Guide Staff Members

Mack's Lure is proud to introduce the members of our Pro Staff, Guide Staff, & VIP Angler program. These team members ensure our customers get products that have been field proven to catch more fish.


Location: Valier, MT 59486
Phone: 406-289-0056
Guide: No
Species: Trout, Walleye, Panfish, Pike
Boat: Nitro ZV21


Products: Mack’s smile blades, they are my go to blade when crafting lures and spinners, and on the water. I have won a fair amount of money using thesmile blade in tournaments throughout the US and Canada.
Presentation: This would be based on time of year but between a simple jig method and a slow death rig hand tied using wood beads and a smile blade. This also true for later in the season I will tie larger spinner rigs using the more bouyant wood beads with the larger profile smile blades.
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Tournament Circuits: Cabela’s MWC- Illinois river, Big Stone Lake, Lake Mconehe, Devils Lake Montana Walleye circuit- crooked creek, Tibet reservoir Southern Alberta Walleye Trail- all three tournaments and the Adultchild tournament (dates and location to be announced) Saskatchewan walleye trail- last mountain lake Premier cup walleye tournament Vanity cup walleye tournament
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