The Mack's Lure Story

Mack's Lure was created in 1969. At the time, Vern McPherson and his wife, Edna, lived in Riggins, Idaho. It was there that a close friend of the McPherson's designed the very first lure Vern would offer fishermen -- the now world-famous Wedding RingĀ® spinner.

In the beginning, Vern, Edna and their son, Ray, manufactured all of the tackle. Vern took these new fishing lures from store to store, giving storeowners an opportunity to add his products to their inventory. It didn't take long before fishermen recognized the quality of McPherson's spinner -- and that was just the beginning.

The McPherson family has always believed quality, plus service, equals satisfied customers. And the McPhersons also believed that if they put the Lord first in all that they did, the rest would just fall into place. That philosophy is as much in place at Mack's Lure now as it was in the beginning.

Today, Mack's Lure is based in Wenatchee, Washington. Look at a map and you'll find Wenatchee nestled on the shore of the Columbia River in the north central region of the Evergreen State. Our company focuses on producing innovative products, coupled with outstanding customer service. All Mack's Lure product lines are extensively field tested, meaning they're proven fish catchers before they are brought to the market.

The staff at Mack's Lure enjoys a family oriented workplace. We celebrate daily the spirit of our work efforts. We've grown over the years, but McPherson family members still continue to stay actively involved with the company.

As we've already mentioned, our mission here at Mack's Lure is to pursue excellence in business. We do it by marketing quality products and by supporting our customers with superior service. Please accept our sincere thanks for visiting our website, and we look forward to being of service to you.

Bob Schmidt, President

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