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Recently Bob Schmidt of Mack's Lure and I were having a conversation about up coming fisheries and we were discussing going after salmon in the rivers. Bob had asked me if I'd had a chance to use the new HummBait yet? Humm What?

Bob shipped me out some new lures, I opened up the package and said "what the heck"? Or something along those words. Very interesting to say the least, original for sure. Here we have a fish shaped piece of metal on each side rotating around a bead and tube style spinner body. As I played with it the outside rotates freely and creates a 3D affect. Now I could see what they're aiming for... a real fish like appearance that also creates noise and disturbance to attract unsuspecting target fish. Cool! Let's give it a try.


You can see in the picture above how the outside rotates around the body. The speed of the rotation is directly related to the speed of the retrieve. With the rotation I can see how the profile or silhouette created would be very lifelike and appealing.

The HummBait comes in three sizes: 1/4oz (Minnow), 3/8oz (Smelt), and 1/2oz (Fat Shad). Don't let the name associated with the size throw you off. I don't use smelt for bait while fishing for salmon but this will be my "go to" size (shown above).

The HummBait also comes in multiple colors, I like the chartreuse, pinks and golds.

All come with a treble hook so check regulations closely before tossing one out. I've already changed up some of mine to a siwash to be prepared when the salmon start entering the rivers.

To test the Hummbait we were targeting Lake Sammamish Chinook. Not really the best situation for this particular lure but I wanted to fish it and see how it reacts in the water. We tied up a 3/8oz HummBait in gold and green 30" behind an 8" pro-troll flasher. Down 30 feet off the downrigger it wasn't down 5 minutes and "fish on"! Wow, how's that for a quick positive test.

A Chinook it was not, but rather a nice healthy Cutthroat. We dropped it back down and another half an hour goes by and we hook up again, same results. Looks like I've found a new Cutt lure for sure.

Since we were targeting Chinook we then changed over to bare red hooks to try and entice the Chinook and save the Cutthroat fishing for another day.

I also handed a few of the 1/4oz Minnow size to a friend of mine who hiked with his son up to 8 Mile Lake. They cast the lures out and with a slow retrieve were very successful on both Rainbow plants and a few Triploids.

One thing, when attempting to cast these lures their appearance is somewhat misleading. They look much heavier than they are. I would recommend a spinning reel with light line to cast for any distance. You'll also want to hesitate shortly before the retrieve to allow the lure to drop down into the water column a little. They also would work as a top water bait for bass, if you choose to fish for them.

Although this test was very rewarding and the Hummbait successfully caught both Cutthroat and trout, where I'm really excited about using these lures is in the rivers. I'll use these where I would normally use spinners. I think the rotation along with the noise should draw some vicious strikes. I for one am looking forward to it and will add a second review after targeting salmon.


Mike Beedle with a Lake Sammamish Cutthroat

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