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Mack's Lure Stop Knots

Something that steelhead anglers might want to try for this season is the new stop knots from Macks Lure in Wenatchee. These knots are designed for "limited slip", and that means you can get a nice positive bite on your line, but are still able to adjust the depth of your jig without the knot getting loose and having to start all over again. At least this has been my experience with these new knots. They are supplied with a heavier gauge line than most other knots, and this accounts for the limited slip feature. They also come in Flo-Pink and Flo-Chartreuse colors. This makes them easy to see in the flat light of fall fishing conditions. I have tried these knots, and you may wonder how big a deal can there be about such a simple device that is used for slip bobber-and-jig fishing? Well, I guess you just have to pick up a pack and give them a try to see what a difference it makes!