Top Selling Smile Blades for Kokanee

Top Selling Smile Blade colors for Kokanee


Transparent Silver Tiger

Silver Scale

Pink Sparkle

Chartreuse Scale

Chartreuse Sparkle

Gold Sparkle

Glo White Silver Scale

Pink Silver Tiger


            Sizes:  0.8", & 1.1"


Smile Blade Attributes:


  • Ultra light weight in line mylar spinner blade
  • Will spin at less than 1/4mph
  • Blade is bent off-set so when it rotates it moves whatever is behind it in a crankbait, back and forth type motion  movement.
  • Doesn't have to spin to create attraction
  • With 35 different colors and 6 different sizes you can create any type of forage base  colors or profile combinations.
  • There really is no wrong way to use the Smile Blade, it can be fished in front crank's, jigs, crawler harness, plastics, live bait and even under a float! The Smile Blade is a light weight attractor that gives you added attraction to any lure or bait.


Kokanee fishing with Smile Blades:


Kokanee are a landlocked Sockeye Salmon. They act like Salmon, they are a schooling fish, they are scent and color oriented and will go on a bite and just as quickly shut off! Like many species, the size of the baits do not really correlate to the size of fish so trying to create big baits doesn't particularly work well but at times down sizing your presentation seems to help catch more fish. Being finicky plankton eaters the best colors for Kokanee should revolve around greens and chartreuses, which do work well but it seems that the best colors seem to revolve around silvers and pinks. Kokanee will follow the food chain-like any other fish, according to water temperature where the plankton is at a given time of day, types of currents in the reservoir they can be found on the surface to as deep as a 200 feet.