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Stop Knots Get The Job Done

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Part 1
Some great little angling accessories never do get the attention they deserve.

There are several of them.  One that immediately comes to mind are those called Stop Knots.  Bobber Stops is another name I’ve often seen used where these little rigs are concerned.

I know there are those who’ve been using Mack’s Lure Stop Knots since they read that first column I did about them darn near 10 years ago.  Unfortunately, from some of the questions I’ve had lately I find there are still many newcomers to fishing who haven’t.


Using a Mack's Lure Stop Knot to position your float so your bait or lure gets down where they are feeding is a great way to fish for crappies.

I remember back about the middle of the last century when I saw them being used for the first time myself.  They were new at the time and I remember just how darned effective they could be when in the hands of an angler who knew how to use them---and for a variety of sports fishing.

This experience came about because I had a friend who had established a reputation as one of the best crappie fishermen in the area where I was then living.  I had talked to him several times.  He told me he did almost all of his crappie catching with small curly tailed plastic grubs.

We happened to be on the same lake one day.  I was fishing bass but he was anchored near a rock pile in the middle of the lake.  The rocks were a favorite crappie hangout.  I had fished it a few times myself. 

The bass fishing was slow so I decided to run out to where my friend was fishing for crappies.  I eased up next to where he was anchored and asked how he was doing.

“Not bad,” he said and then pulled up a stringer full of fish to prove it. 

Stop Knot

If you don't have a couple packages of these great little accessories get on line and get 'em now!  I gurantee you'll won't regret it.

“What are you catching them on?” I asked.

“These grubs I’ve told you about before,” he said.  “Today they’re hitting a blue shade better than the white I usually catch ‘em on.”

I watched as my friend prepared to cast.  As he brought his rod up to do so I was surprised to see that right above his blue shaded grub was a float.  He flipped the bobber and grub about 15-feet away from the boat.  They plopped into the water and my friend engaged the bail on his spinning reel and relaxed.

He didn’t relax long.  A half minute later his float started easing off to the right and he set the hook.  “That makes 20,” he said as he hoisted a dandy crappie out of the water and into his boat.

“I know you are fishing that grub beneath a bobber,” I said, “but how the devil are you getting that grub down where the fish are?  Your bobber was right above your hook when you cast it out there.”

My friend chuckled as he hung the crappie he’d just caught on his stringer.  “I’m using a Bobber Stop,” he said.  Then he showed me what he had attached to his line about 5-feet above his lure.

 “The bobber is right above my lure when I cast,” he explained, “but once it hits the water the lure sinks but the bobber floats up the line until it is stopped by the Bobber Stop.

“I can place the Bobber Stop anywhere I choose.  Today I have it attached to my line so my lure drops to a depth of about 5-feet.  That’s where the crappies are holding right now.  Sometimes I have to go considerably deeper and now and then they are fairly shallow. 

“I can put the Bobber Stop anywhere on my line.  It goes right through my rod guides as I cast or when I reel in.  I love these things for my crappie fishing.”

Stop knots

You can position a Stop Knot anywhere you choose on your leader.  Among other things it will do for you is keep any part of your lure set up from riding up your line as you retrieve.  The Stop Knot also prevent beads or weights from getting boogered up in your rod guides.

That, as I’ve mentioned, was my introduction to a Stop Knot.  It happened more than a half century ago.  These accessories were new at the time.  They are used a whole lot more by knowledgeable anglers today than they were then---and with good reason.  Sometimes using these handy little accessories can make the difference between catching fish or going home skunked.

You will, of course, find Stop Knots right here at the Mack’s Lure website.  They are listed in the products section.  By all means check ‘em out, especially if you’re not already familiar with what they can do for you.

What seeing them pictured does is bring to mind some of my own experiences where these handy little rigs are concerned.  They also reminded me of a Mexican fishing adventure where the Mack’s Lure Stop Knots helped put bass in the boat.

Toutle Steelhead

One of things newcomers often overlook as they get into fishing is the variety of helpful jobs a Stop Bobber can do.  I used mine just about as much in my steelhead fishing for one thing or another as I do when I'm after bass or panfish.

My fishing partner on that occasion was Bob Schmidt, the president of Mack’s Lure.  While Schmidt is soft spoken he’s also as sharp as a Gamakatsu Hook fresh out of the package.  I watched what he does with his

Mack’s Lure Stop Knots on that Mexican fishing trip  and I learned a couple of things in the process.

Keep an eye peeled for my next column.  I’ll share some of Schmidt’s Stop Knot tricks for bass fishing.  I’ll also detail exactly more of why these Stop Knots can be of such importance if you’re a crappie fisherman. 

You’ll find my next column right here starting April 1.

-To Be Continued-



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