Cha Cha Squidder

Pat Slater is a guy who really knows the Cha Cha.  If you don't, it would be wise to remedy that mistake.  And the quicker the better if you like to catch fish.

The above reference to the Cha Cha has nothing to do, you see, with the famous dance routine of the same name.  The Cha Cha Pat Slater, an expert angler from Powell, Wyoming, knows so well is the name of an increasingly popular fishing lure.  It was these lures that enabled Pat and his team partner to win the Montana Walleye Circuit's Yellowtail Fall Finale tournament staged at Big Horn Lake last weekend.

Slater and his team partner, Mark Nuss, also of Powell, didn't just win the Montana Circuit's final tournament of the year---they flat clobbered their competition.  Their winning weight for the two day event was 30.58-pounds.  That total more than doubled the weight recorded by the second place team that had only 14.99-pounds.

All of our fish, Slater says, were caught on Mack's Lure Cha Cha Squidders.  We tried a variety of lures but it was the Cha Cha Squidder the fish wanted.  Slater and Nuss tipped their lures with nightcrawlers. 

Big Horn Lake is a big, deep lake with a variety of trout as well as walleye, bass and panfish.  It runs for more than 60 miles along the border between North Central Wyoming and South Central Montana. 

Slater says one of the keys to the Cha Cha's success at Big Horn Lake was its buoyancy.  Unlike many other lures, this popular Mack's product has a float to keep it from continually hanging up where the bottom is loaded with snags as is the situation at Big Horn Lake.

The Cha Cha Squidders are one of the lures marketed by Mack's Lure, of Wenatchee, Washington.  The company's products have this year alone shattered several state and national fish size records.

The Yellowtail Fall Finale Tournament was hosted by the Billing's Chapter of Montana Walleyes Unlimited.