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Double D™ Dodger 4.4" 

Double D™ catches more fish…
The Double D™ not only has the proven traditional dodger action that is known to catch fish, but also delivers its patent-pending stop & go action to your lure. 

Double D™ does the work for you…
Most savvy anglers know that if you want to catch more fish, making S-curves and/or speeding up and slowing down your lure with the throttle will do it.  In fact, they will tell you; the vast majority of fish are caught when making a turn.  The patent-pending design of the Mack’s Lure Double D™ Dodger constantly puts that same action to work for you. 

Double D™ doesn’t wait for turns…
The constant speed-up/slow-down action means never again waiting for the turn to catch your fish.  You will be in fish-catching mode constantly.

Double D™ for double duty…
A diagram on the back of the dodger shows a second important benefit.  There are four attachment points that allow you to spread your lines, as well as move them out from underneath the boat path like a side planer does.

Double D™ users say…
Numerous testers of the new Mack’s Lure dodger said:  “Rods rigged with the Double D™ consistently caught a lot more fish, it has been amazing; when can I get some more?”
*This item normally ships within 2 days *03/26/2017 of order receipt.

Product Options:
SKU Color Size Price Qty
70050 Silver 4.4 $9.99
70051 Lemon Lime 4.4 $9.99
70052 UV Pearl 4.4 $9.99
70053 Hot Pink 4.4 $9.99
70054 Gold 4.4 $9.99
70055 UV Copper 4.4 $9.99
70056 UV Purple Haze 4.4 $9.99

Double D™ Dodger 4.4"
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