Line Tamer

Eyeball a Line Tamer box and you'll find that it's designed to hold a single spool of line. The end of the line comes out through a hole in the holder. All you have to do when you need extra line or leader for whatever need is simply pull out the desired amount.

You'll find there's no fumbling around for a knife or scissors needed to snip off the desired length. The side of the Line Tamer has its own cutter. Just run the line through the cutter, give it a tug and you're ready to go.

The Line Tamer also eases the headache anglers sometimes encounter when it's time to put new line on a reel. Just place the line you want to use in the container, attach the end to the reel's spool and start cranking.

There's another feature anglers who often rig leaders in their boats are going to like. Each of the two-box Line Tamers units sold contains a Velcro patch that lets you stick the holders just about anywhere you choose. Position it where it's easy to see and use.You won't have to search through tackle boxes, storage bins or coat pockets when new line or leader is needed.

The Line Tamers are constructed of long wearing, durable plastic. They'll stand up to the rough treatment to which angling accessories are often subjected.

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