Glo® Hooks | Sparkle-Tail™ Fly Series

Handcrafted since 1943, our Glo® Hooks are highly effective at catching any species of fish, whether you're drifting, trolling, jigging, or ice fishing. Comprised of a hard plastic non-floating material, our secret supercharged formula allows the blue to glow blue, the red to glow red, etc. The Glo® Hook doesn't require "charging" to catch fish. However, when fishing in deep dark waters, at night, or during the early morning hours, you can create a higher-intensity glow by exposing the Glo® Hook to sunlight or flashing with a strobe light. "Many insect larvae, particularly midges, have a "glow-like" appearance when they emerge from the bottom of a lake. When I am fishing for walleye during insect hatches I like to use Glo® Hooks tipped with a small piece of night crawler behind a bottom bouncer. This type of presentation also excels when fish seem to be turned off, or heavily pressured during tournaments," reports Chad Richardson, Kansas, wildlife biologist and pro fisherman. Regular $2.99, Now $1.99!

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Product Styles: (Click Item Number to view lure image.)
SKU Glow Color Tail Color Hook Size Leader Test Leader Length Price Qty
02641 Maggot White Pearl/Black 4 14 lb. 48 in. $1.99
02643 Blood Red/Black 4 14 lb. 48 in. $1.99
02663 Blood Black/Red 6 12 lb. 48 in. $1.99
02680 Hot Cerise Pink/Silver 8 10 lb. 48 in. $1.99
02681 Maggot White Pearl/Black 8 10 lb. 48 in. $1.99
02684 Chartreuse Chartreuse/Silver 8 10 lb. 48 in. $1.99