Smile Blade® 1.9" | 25-Packs

Smile Blade® - Made in USA...
When you think you're trolling slow, slow down some more and you will catch fish. Smile Blades® provide life-like action even at 1/4 mph. They are easily tuned. Use a wide blade angle for a slow rolling wobble or narrow blade angle for a vigorous shake and spin. When the temperature drops and the fish get sluggish, Smile Blades® are the tournament proven lure. Whether rigged Carolina-style as a finesse bait, or on a bottom bouncer as part of a live bait presentation, they'll catch fish under the toughest conditions!

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Smile Blade® 1.9" | 25-Packs

1.9 inch Smile Blade. 25 Smile blades per unit.

Product Styles: (Click Item Number to view lure image.)
SKU Blade Color Pattern Blade Size Price Qty
61402 Transparent Black Scale 1.9 $19.50
61403 Dark Blue Scale 1.9 $19.50
61404 Red Scale 1.9 $19.50
61407 Copper Scale 1.9 $19.50
61472 Hot Pink Scale 1.9 $19.50
Z61417 Amber Scale 1.9 $19.50
Z61490 Dark Blue Sparkle 1.9 $19.50
Z61491 Purple Sparkle 1.9 $19.50
Z61492 Copper Sparkle 1.9 $19.50
Z61493 Transparent Black Tiger 1.9 $19.50
Z61494 Gold Scale 1.9 $19.50
Z61495 Green Scale 1.9 $19.50
Z61496 Red Sparkle 1.9 $19.50
Z61497 Transparent Silver Dot 1.9 $19.50
Z61498 Pink Black Tiger 1.9 $19.50