Sling Blade™ UV | 6"

The Sling Blade UV is a slim profile dodger. Cupped on one end and tapered on the other, it can be trolled faster than other dodgers and has less resistance. The Sling Blade UV actually stops dodging after the fish strikes, which allows you to feel the fish fight. Its unique design gives your bait or lure a jerk and dance action that drives fish crazy.

Important: ONLY Nickle/Stainless Sling Blade products are flexible. Painted Sling Blade products do not bend. See table below for specific flexibility info. 


Product Styles: (Click Item Number to view lure image.)
SKU Blade Color Size Flexible? Price Qty
41150 Plain UV 6 in. Yes $10.99
41151 Silver Tiger UV 6 in. Yes $10.99
41152 Glow UV 6 in. Yes $10.99
41153 Silver UV 6 in. Yes $10.99
41154 Red UV 6 in. Yes $10.99
41156 Green UV 6 in. Yes $10.99
41157 Pink UV 6 in. Yes $10.99
41158 Blue UV 6 in. Yes $10.99