Mack's Lure® Fish Decals

These vinyl decals look great on the boat or vehicle.  If you have tinted glass the white looks especially sharp.
Application tip: Wash surface with soapy water and apply decal while surface is still wet.  Squeegee flat as you apply. If necessary poke any bubbles with pin or lift and reapply, while still wet.

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Product Styles: (Click Item Number to view lure image.)
SKU Color Size Price Qty
90690 White One 8 in. $2.50
90691 Black One 8 in. $2.50
90695 White Pair of 5 in. $2.50
90696 Black Pair of 5 in. $2.50
90692 Black/Red/Yellow One 8.5 x 10 in. $2.50