Cha Cha™ Sockeye Squidder Series

Quite simply, this lure was designed to catch sockeye. Featuring high UV glow beads, sharp red hooks and a Smile Blade®, they don't stand a chance.


Product Styles: (Click Item Number to view lure image.)
SKU Smile Blade 1.5 Skirt Color Eyes Beads 5mm Leader Test Price Qty
60011 Pink Silver Tiger Pink UV Spatter 1.5 in. Glow Flo Pink 48 20 lb $4.49
60012 Silver Scale Pink Shrimp 2 in. Glow Glow 48 20 lb $4.49
60013 Pink Silver Tiger Nuclear Glow 2 in. Glow Flo Pink 48 20 lb $4.49
60015 Glow White Silver Scale Hot Pink Glow 1.5 in. Glow Glow 48 20lb $4.49